5 Habits of the Happiest People In The World

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The most important thing to learn about happiness, it comes from within. Outer factors can’t determine if you are happy or not. Martin Seligman the father of positive psychology claims that 60 percent of happiness is determined by our genetics and environment and the remaining 40 percent is how we choose to respond.

Many researches have studied happiness and here is a list of the habits of the happiest people in the world.

Habits of the happiest people in the world

  1. They surround themselves with other happy people

Research has shown that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Therefor, if you surround yourself with happy and successful people you will also become happy and successful. Let go of the people who gives you negative energy, they will not bring anything good to your life.

  1. They are present in the now

Happy people live for the moment. They  focus on what they can control and it’s possible to choose happiness in the moment, no matter the struggles you may be going through.

  1. They seek new challenges

Happy people have a ”growth mindset” instead of a ”fixed mindset”. They strive to constant develop themselves and seek new challenges. Read Carol Dweck’s famous book Mindset about how you can develop a successful way of thinking.

  1. They meditate

Research has shown that meditations makes you happier, it helps the stress level to sink and also help us to be more present. Try meditating at least five minutes every morning and you will see the difference.

  1. They have a dream

Having a dream is what gives you meaning to life. The concept of having a purpose is especially prevalent in Eastern Asia. In Japan, there’s an term called ‘ikigai’, which is translated as “the reason you wake up in the morning.” When some of the happiest and longest-living people were studied, they all had such a reason.

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